Still Into Mischief

Guess this is my page.  Enjoy the tunes…peace 2 the world!  Hit me up @dj_mischief

Mischief Mixes

  1. Good Old Dreams DJ Mischief 74
  2. Summer is AWESOME!
  3. Don't Worry Baby
  4. Genre Not Specified
  5. Summertime Madness
  6. Experiment #257

Remix / Mash-Up

  1. Sweetest Wild Dreams Taylor Swift x Eurythmics
  2. Call Me Crazy Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen + Bambaataa
  3. The Hello Hello Goodbye Song Dragonette, Animanicas, Beatles


  1. Wakanarai!
  2. Momoiro Metal
  3. Fancy Dou Dou Heiwa Sengen (LA2Tokyo Mix) Momoiro Clover Z x Iggy Azalea
  4. Dangerous To Rock The Boat Momoiro Clover Z x Britney Spears

Work In Process / Unfinished Business

  1. QuickMix



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